March 4, 2013

.Jan. & Feb. books.

Whoooooaaaa....hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Sho, I run this blog and I haven't done it for a long time....I apologize. I love reading so let me share with you a list of books I read during Jan. and Feb.....enjoy!

The Road: Cormac McCarthy  Let me just say it...nope, not my cup of tea.  I'm not a survivalist, if it was a fight or flight situation, I my friends would flight. If the world is going to end, I'm going to have a drink and a nap and hope to not have to deal with any aftermath.  This book is about surviving and walking the road to a better place, but really does that place exist?

The Zookeeper's Wife: Diana Ackerman This is a wonderful true story about Polish zookeepers in Warsaw during WWII. This couple protected over 300 jews in their little, crazy zoo, where people became names of animals. They were brave and noble people, and I hope that I have  little bit of me in them. That I would do the same things they did to protect others.

Misty of Chincoteauge: Marguerite Henry  Dave and I went to Assateague Island and stayed in Chincoteauge two years ago. Since then I have heard many people talk about this book and have wanted to read it. It's a kids book about wrangling up the wild pony, a pony nobody had ever caught until a determined little boy. He and his sister work hard to purchase the pony, Phantom,  and her colt, Misty, at the fireman's auction. The children were able to tame Phantom but she always yearned for the wild. One day they let her free, knowing that they should not contain her, but Misty remained due to her love for her little owners.

The Beach House: Jane Green  I must admit, I highly enjoy women's contemporary fiction, aka "chic lit." and Mrs. Green is a great writer in this genre. The book was very easy to read, light, fun, and touches on subjects such as family, and what we want from life. This book reminds you have you never know how one person can change your life or how a home can bring strangers together to form a new family and an unbreakable bond.  This is all I will tell you in hopes you to will read the book!

Pretty in Plaid: Jen Lancaster  This was a decent book, a quick read. It's not my favorite of Lancaster's but it's not the worst it. This is a book dedicated to all the little memories she has and the specific items of clothing she wore during these times. She guides us through her childhood to adulthood via her wardrobe. It wasn't bad but I'm not going to beg you to read it...just pick it up if your looking for something light and easy.

CURRENTLY READING:      Confederacy of Dunces