June 25, 2012

.5 things I can't live without (right now).

A few months ago I read a book titled, " 5 Things I Can't Live Without" and it got me thinking. The book itself wasn't very good, just an easy read about dating and finding oneself, but the title...it's got something there! I have wanted to do this post for awhile but just never got around to sitting and thinking about what my 5 things would be. Soooo....finally here we go:


Dave's kisses: specifically the ones to the front of the forehead, those are always my favorite. They are so gentle, caring, and loving...sigh.

My running shoes: they bring me strength, clarity, happiness, inspiration and keep me pushing towards my goals.

Books: I love how you can grab a book, sit and relax, and the whole world disappears around you. All the problems, to do lists, and stress vanishes when I crack open a book. 

Old Family Photos: in May I got loads of old family photos from my grandma's house. I absolutely love looking at the photos from years ago, meet family members through the lens, and learning new stories and facts about family. 

On Demand: I know that this one sounds silly...but it's true, I do love our On Demand! Dave and I watch it almost every night catching up on shows that we don't get with basic cable while snuggling on the couch. Right now we are watching Homeland and ooooooooohhhhh it is sooooo good!!!

* family and friends were a given...so I didn't list them!! *

What is something you can't live without?