August 5, 2012

.oh...hello, there.

Man, July was not my month for blogging. I apologize for that..seriously, I'm sorry and it was totally my bad. Believe me when I say it was me and not you. For some reason, the summer heat made me veeerrrry verrry lazy.

We had a great July filled with lots of hanging out with the hubs, friends, running, and starting training with my friend. Here are some of my favorite things that happened this month:

1. Basilica Block Party: A two day concert fundraiser for the renovation of the Minneapolis Basilica. I have always wanted to go to this concert year after year and FINALLY I got to go! It was fun, hot, and full of TONS of people. My favorite performances were: CAKE, Imagine Dragons, The Luminers, and The Avett Brothers. Oh the Avett Brothers were SOOOOOO good, we danced and danced and sang our hearts out!

2. Celebrations: We celebrated 4th of July, 4 years of wedded bliss, my momma's birthday, friends golden birthday, another friends baby bump, 1st birthday of the cutest kid eve, and just celebrating life in general!!! Lots of fun was had, hugs given, presents bought, and love shared. 

3. Maggie (Margaret) Roberts: Dave and I rescued the cutest bulldog we have eevvver seen. *of course we say this because we are the best parents ever* We got our little Maggie, named after Margaret Thatcher, and have been loving on her ever since. She is six years old and was rescued from a puppy mill, she has had waaayy to many babies in her life. So now we spoil her rotten, give her tons of kisses, and let her sleep almost anywhere she wants. We are sooooo in love with her, she has definitely made our hearts grow bigger.

4. Training: I have a friend who is a person trainer and just moved to the area. We decided that for training sessions we would pay him beer and a review, plus he gets to make me swear and cry in pain! It's a deal that works for best of us pretty well. I am able to see some arm definition already and it's fun to have someone push me hard. Along with training with my friend, Dave and I have been training for a half marathon that took place on August 4th. We didn't get as much training in since getting Maggie, but we were able to get a few runs in that were very much needed!

I have NOOOO idea where July went! I looked and looked and looked and it has just ran away! It felt like it was the fastest month ever in the universe. But it's gone now, ran away to join the other crazy months so now it's on to August! Let's cross our fingers that August doesn't go by as fast we so can enjoy the summer a little bit longer. 

How was your July? Did it fllllyyyy by for you as well?
What was your favorite thing about July?