April 13, 2012

.Happy Scrabble Day.

Scrabble is a big part of our lives....
Our wedding guests spelt words for us
via: Behind the Lens Photography
We spent lots of time playing in Nepal
(and Australia)

and it brings us closer on date nights

All you need to remember is....
even ganstas play Scrabble!

So grab a friend, a Scrabble board (and dictionary!) and have yourself some fun with words!!

.Five (Random) Things Friday.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

1. Did you ever watch Friday the 13th movies growing up? I only watched the first one (Friday the 13th), but I watched it over and over again as a kid! They have it on netflix so we just may have to watch it tonight. 

2. I got my third job this week!! Soooo....next week I now work 59 hours and then I run a 10k. So lets hope this girl can keep up cause it's been a LONG time since I have worked over 20hrs!! Man, what a rough lift I lead! 

3. Are you a fan of reality tv? Oh, I am SUCH a SUCKER for it!! I turn it on and get sucked into all the drama, I love it!! Right now I'm watching a lot of these season's Celebrity Apprentice. I have never watched the show before and I don't know if I'm watching this season because it has some celebrities I actually know or because Lisa Lampanelli is always yelling! I do love Lisa Lampanelli, I think she is a HILARIOUS comedic!!!

4. I'm totally absolutely in love with this swimsuit....a collection will be set up in it's name!

5. Ever need a day off from the world? What do you do to help reconnect and relax? This week has been hard emotionally and mentally...so tough, so Dave and I said screw it to our plans for the evening (hee hee..no running!) and went on a date to the mall. We walked around, shopping, eating, and chit chatting for four and a half hours...it was very very very excellent and what I needed. 

Have a great weekend!
Be safe...it is Friday the 13th after all!!