April 13, 2012

.Five (Random) Things Friday.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

1. Did you ever watch Friday the 13th movies growing up? I only watched the first one (Friday the 13th), but I watched it over and over again as a kid! They have it on netflix so we just may have to watch it tonight. 

2. I got my third job this week!! Soooo....next week I now work 59 hours and then I run a 10k. So lets hope this girl can keep up cause it's been a LONG time since I have worked over 20hrs!! Man, what a rough lift I lead! 

3. Are you a fan of reality tv? Oh, I am SUCH a SUCKER for it!! I turn it on and get sucked into all the drama, I love it!! Right now I'm watching a lot of these season's Celebrity Apprentice. I have never watched the show before and I don't know if I'm watching this season because it has some celebrities I actually know or because Lisa Lampanelli is always yelling! I do love Lisa Lampanelli, I think she is a HILARIOUS comedic!!!

4. I'm totally absolutely in love with this swimsuit....a collection will be set up in it's name!

5. Ever need a day off from the world? What do you do to help reconnect and relax? This week has been hard emotionally and mentally...so tough, so Dave and I said screw it to our plans for the evening (hee hee..no running!) and went on a date to the mall. We walked around, shopping, eating, and chit chatting for four and a half hours...it was very very very excellent and what I needed. 

Have a great weekend!
Be safe...it is Friday the 13th after all!!

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