February 16, 2012

.home sweet home.

Weee'reeee bbaaaccccckkkkkk!!!! 

Dave and I are officially in the U.S., Minnesota to be exactly. We have been back for a total of a week now and it has been a whirl wind. It just now feels like we are slowly getting on our feet. But, oh how wonderful it feels to be back home, even though it is cold! Within the last week we have taken tests, moved, hung out with amazing friends, shopped, and so on and so on ( you know what it feels like to move and the craziness that goes with it).  We have even been eating all the great (aka fattening) food we didn't have in Aussie...not good. I wouldn't be surprised if I gain 5 lbs this week..eeppp!!

 The other exciting thing is that we finally have internet and I can update you on all the Aussie adventures I still have to share as well as our new home/life in MN. Minneapolis is going to be a great place for us, I can already tell. Dave and I started making life changes in Aussie and I can't wait to continue making them here in Minneapolis. Make sure you stay tuned!


.Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay.

Coffs Harbor: Dave and I stayed over in Coffs Harbor for only 24 hours but we both loved the little city/town. The amazing ocean views, warm water, and little puppies made our time there. I highly recommend if you are ever in the area make sure you make a quick stop!

Eating watermelon on the beach.

Someone has major tan lines!

Byron Bay: This was another quick 24 hours stop for us right after Coffs Harbor. Byron Bay is known as a hippie town that attracts a lot of tourists. I remember going there 10 years ago because it's my grandpa's name and wanted to show Dave around a bit. Really the only thing in Byron Bay is the lighthouse, it's what most everyone comes for. So Dave and I ventured out and spent the day exploring the area, lighthouse, and beaches. Again we would recommend stopping over for a day on your way through the area!

it was a tad bit windy!

Those stairs were brutal!

nice place to kick off our shoes!

Dave and the ocean