February 16, 2012

.Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay.

Coffs Harbor: Dave and I stayed over in Coffs Harbor for only 24 hours but we both loved the little city/town. The amazing ocean views, warm water, and little puppies made our time there. I highly recommend if you are ever in the area make sure you make a quick stop!

Eating watermelon on the beach.

Someone has major tan lines!

Byron Bay: This was another quick 24 hours stop for us right after Coffs Harbor. Byron Bay is known as a hippie town that attracts a lot of tourists. I remember going there 10 years ago because it's my grandpa's name and wanted to show Dave around a bit. Really the only thing in Byron Bay is the lighthouse, it's what most everyone comes for. So Dave and I ventured out and spent the day exploring the area, lighthouse, and beaches. Again we would recommend stopping over for a day on your way through the area!

it was a tad bit windy!

Those stairs were brutal!

nice place to kick off our shoes!

Dave and the ocean

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