September 7, 2011

{Insert Clever Title Here}

Hello Hello Hello!!!  

I have some really exciting news....are you ready for this?  No, seriously. Do you think you are seriously ready for the news that I am about to present you with? Have you stopped multi tasking, closed all the other windows, and are completely giving your full attention to the words written here on this very page?  If you answered an excited YES! to at least one of the above, then I think you are ready.

I am a guest blogger today!! EEEEEPPPPPPP!!!! I find this to be very cool, and since this is my first one I am going to geek out about it a little bit!  So, what is a guest blogger you say. Well basically it just means that I wrote a post on someone else's blog. BUT just so you know the post is a GREAT waaaayyyy good!

You can find the post on :dianapantz: (I don't have the direct link because it's 12a.m. Thursday here and only 9a.m. Wednesday there and it's not technically up...but i'm tired and about to go to bed), this is one of my great friends blogs so make sure you check it out. The post is about the journey I am about to take, yes I know I already am on a journey in Australia, but this is a more personal journey. It's the journey to find out who I want to be and who I am and using this time in Australia to do so.  Shortly I will start this journey and posting things along the way on the blog...cause I know that I am going to need support from YOU (and you, and you, and YOU).

* If you have stopped by from :dianapantz: WELCOME!!! Make yourself comfortable, read a few posts, and remember not to be a stranger. **

Before I left for Australia Diana made me a custom Australia tote bag to use during my adventure. Dave and I use it ALL the time for almost everything. We use it for shopping, groceries, the beach, and going to the park..basically if we have carrying to do the bag comes with.

But today when using it I was blown away by HOW much I could get into the tote, I had to share it with you:
Inside: beach blanket, sunglasses, macbook pro, notebook, rugby ball, two books, pouch, and coin purse

I was impressed by how much stuff the tote could hold and not even break a sweat, 
Dave was impressed that Diana remembered to include Tasmania with the Australia stencil.

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Check out my post on :dianapantz:

also, while you are there you might as well check out her Etsy shop and see all the totes and other goodies she makes!