January 7, 2010

reading is sexy

This photo just might be a picture of heaven on earth...well to us nerds, at least. The good thing is most everyone can find there own piece of heaven on earth, also known as a bookstore, in their town or city. This photo was taken in a bookstore on the corner in the heart of d.c, it was found by accident..but it was love at first sight. They had books outside the store all lined up and when you walked in...books everywhere. Books that are new and books that have been loved and passed on for others to love. When reading a book you get to escape and go to another world, discover new things, expand your mind and learn...and you get to choose your adventure. My grandmother passed her passion of reading on to me when i was a young kid. I would read for hours upon hours, escaping into the world and life of the characters I was reading. Almost fifteen years later my grandmother and I are still talking about the books we love and faning our flame for reading. I look forward to passing this passion on to my future children like me grandmother gave to me.

p.s. dave and i just spent an hour at barnes and noble...its one of our favorite places. Truth be told we are nerds..but hey nerds can be sexy!