March 3, 2012

.shoave weekend.

This weekend is SHOAVE weekend and we both are really really excited. Even though Dave and I see each other most of the day's just what happens when two people live together without jobs and think the other is pretty cool...we are in a total need for a SHOAVE weekend!

What is a SHOAVE weekend? It's a weekend when we just hang out the two of us; no friends, no to do lists, no errands, and no  little outside world connections. We get to do whatever we want and just hang out and reconnect.  We have been looking forward to this weekend all the way back when we were still in Australia!! 

Our plans for this weekend are to eat lots of food (hopefully somewhat healthy) and watch LOTS and LOTS of movies!! Our tradition for New Years Eve and New Years Day was to stuff ourselves silly and have movie marathons, we didn't get to do it this year so we are doing it now! We have our list of foods to prepare, alcohol purchased, borrowed tons of movies from a friend, and are hurrying to get our to do lists finished in time.

What are your plans for this weekend?