December 20, 2012

.family tradition.

As a kid every Christmas my mom would bake Christmas Cookies, we would be able to cut out the dough and then decorate the cookies. I always looked forward to sitting at the table filled with bowls of icing and sprinkle containers. These cookies are delicious and we only have them once a year, which makes me look forward to them even more. It's been about 4 years since I have had a Christmas cookie, so I HAD to make them myself this year.

When preparing to decorate the cookies....I found something out that shocked me. Dave has NEVER EVER decorated cookies before!!! I couldn't believe it so I told him to pull up a chair cause he was gonna decorate some cookies!

We had a great time sitting at the table, chatting away while expressing our artistic abilities on Christmas cookies. Dave, he LOOOOOVVVEEED decorating cookies, he was putting sprinkles upon sprinkles upon sprinkles on his cookies. We decided that this was going to be a tradition that we continue as a family. I look forward to years ahead when my own kids will sit down and decorate Christmas cookies with us. 

What is a tradition you have during the holiday season?