July 2, 2012

.june books.

I'm gonna be honest with ya...I just wasn't in the reading mood this month. I think it's because on my lunch breaks I run home to eat, chat with Dave, and do some errands instead of relaxing for the hour and reading. I may need to switch thing up a bit to get back into my reading groove. But without further ado, here are the books that I read in June (how is it already JULY!!!).

The Lucky One: Nicholas Sparks (did you see the movie?) If not, the book is about a Marine, Logan, who finds a picture of a pretty girl while in Iraq. The picture seems to be lucky because when his is in possession of the picture people around him get injured but he never does...always barely escaping. When he returns from duty he walks from Colorado to the east coast to find the girl in the picture. He keeps his secret, gets to know her, girl falls for boy...and so on. Girl has horrible ex-husband which adds to the relationship drama. It's a Nicholas Sparks book so you kind of know what to expect.

I've Got Your Number: Sophie Kinsella  I love her books, they are always an easy delightful read about a silly girl who falls in love. The story is about a woman who loses her engagement ring (family heirloom) and then has her phone stolen. She finds a phone in the trash she takes and uses it as her own. It ends up being a company phone in which she "shares" the phone with the boss of the person who trashed it....and can you guess what happens next.  Yep, she finds the ring, her fiance is a douche, she doesn't get married, and the guy on the other end of the phone is mr. perfect. Even though it's predictable...I did cry and I did enjoy it lots!

It Looked Different on the Model: Laurie Notaro I love Laurie Notaro, I own many of her books. She writes short little stories about her life which are hilarious and very relatable. I always feel like if I ever met her I would be friends with her. This book was filled with stories about someone stealing two trees from her porch, her mom forwarding stupid fwd. emails, and running past vans because a kidnapper can catch you.  Even though some of the stories were funny I don't find this to be as good as her other ones. It was decent..but I recommend reading some of her earlier books first. 

The Genie and Joe Maloney: Anita Feagles This is a children's chapter book from the 60's. Since one of my 30 before 30 is to read all the books I own, I thought I would get a start and read a really easy one (plus I wanted to boast my reading number!).  This was a cute little book about Joe who lives with 3 sisters and has no boys around to play with. One day he finds a genie, who isn't the smartest, but grants him three wishes. The genie gets two of them a little bit off (magic lamp = lamp that turns on) but does find Joe a friend to play with, which was the most important wish. 

Rune Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives : Mina Samuels The book started a little slow in the beginning and it took me awhile to get used to her style of writing. At first I felt like it was reading someone's research paper in college, which is not what I'm looking for in a book. However, I kept with it and it started to be pretty good. I found myself thinking about the things Samuels wrote about through out my day. Its inspiring and makes you want to get up and do something. Working out makes us balanced, healthy, happy, proud, teaches us to set goals, and I hope to be someone who continues to get out there in the world into my later years. 

2012 Goal: 22/50 books