October 24, 2011

.Manly Beach.

My niece inspired Dave and I to go visit Manly Beach. We got her letter on Monday asking if we had been there and that she had seen pictures of it, that Wednesday we were heading on the train and then the ferry for the beach. I really wanted to be able to let her know that we have been there, I even took a few pictures of a sand sculpture a random person did...just so I could give her a little picture of it when we get back. I miss that kid a lot, I hope that I am inspiring her or showing her that she can go out on her own adventures someday!

A lot of the pictures above are from the Ferry to Manly Beach.
You get amazing view from taking the ferry, I highly recommend it!

.FPW: Oct. 16th.

Sometimes all it takes it to notice how cute the clothes pins are.

I'm a sucker for rope pictures..I love the textures!

Can you see the 3 dolphins? They joined us to say hello and frolick around.

Do you see the tail waving hello?

Two humpbacks dancing side by side

These are SUCH amazing creatures!

I love pictures of sand more than I actually like sand itself!

This past week equalled: Ocean Baths, Whale Watching, Visiting Dolphins, 
Dropkick Murphy's, and enjoying the simple things in life