October 29, 2012

.what i'm watching now.

I gotta be honest with ya...I watch probably a little to much t.v., especially on Monday's. I have had a few Monday's off now and instead of being productive, I find myself with my booty on the couch for a few hours. Don't worry...I still get my stuff done just not in that "I'm Gonna Conquer The Day Way".  Dave and I only get basic cable but we pay a little extra to have On Demand Boost, so I can watch shows from channels that we don't get regularly. Now almost all my t.v. watching is from On Demand..and I'm okay with that!

These are the shows I'm a little obsessed about right now (all of these take place on Sunday night...that is why on Monday's I laze around watching tv):

The Walking Dead: 

I started watching this show on Netflix when I was sick this fall...I wondered what all they hype was about it. Then I got hooked, finished the first season and then went straight to On Demand to watch the second season. Now everyone Monday I watch last nights episode of Season Three. It is one of the show's I look forward to, I wish we had AMC so I could watch it when it is on the first time.


Oh, Dexter...how I do love thee. I have watched over the years and will probably watch until the end. This season is not as good as the prior ones but it has finally started picking up. At the beginning of the season Deb found out he was a serial killer and tried to basically put him into a rehab for it. But it's really only good when Dexter is on the hunt, which finally his is! Dave and I have Showtime just so we could catch up on Dexter and now we keep it for Dexter and.....


This was another show that we started on our Showtime Preview and got obsessed with. Homeland is one of the best shows out there right now. It is thrilling, has you asking questions, and wondering what is going to happen next. This is the one show that on Sunday nights I HAVE to watch! I then tell Dave, " OH MY GOD...YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!" and then I rewatch it with him sometime during the week. 

And because I'm a maid of honor next year in a wedding I feel like it is my duty to watch these shows as well:

These are my guilty guilty pleasures that I watch while doing other things around the house. As the great maid of honor I am I have to see what decorations are being used, how to diffuse a crazy bride, etc.

What are you watching?
What show is one that you can't miss?