May 31, 2012

.going home.

When I was little, I grew up on a farm. It was actually the same farm that my grandpa grew up on and my mom grew up on, I was pretty lucky. I loved growing up there; running around outside all day long, swimming in the ditch, checking in on the animals, and letting my imagination run wild. I LOVED that place. It was a sad day in fifth grade when my parents divorced and my dad got the farm, the rest of us were city bound (wellll..10,000 people was a city to me!).   

My old farm place is now in foreclosure. The people who my dad sold it to years ago trashed the place that I loved. They never painted the inside or outside, they didn't use our garden or our pastures, they didn't love it.  My sisters and I had the opportunity to look at our "home" one last time before it may be gone forever. Even though it was tough to see it in the condition it is in now, it was still great to say goodbye.  I got to share memories with Dave while showing him where things took place and tell stories to my niece about her mom ( like the one time she made me slide down the hallway and I cracked my head). 

While we were are the farm I took some pictures that I may submit to Dear Photograph. I still haven't figured out which photo I will submit....maybe I will submit each one at different times!

* don't mind the nudity, I was a free spirit*

This one is my favorite! 
We used to stand on the register in the morning to warm up. 
Back then it felt sooo it seems sooo small!!

I may not be able to go "home" again, but I will always have the memories!

May 30, 2012

.WIW: 1/2 marathon gear.

At the beginning of the month I ran my first half marathon (13.1 miles) with a friend! I trained for over 7 weeks for this run, the longest I have trained for anything!! No matter how hard you train, sometimes what you wear also helps you finish the race. I wanted to share with you what I wore during the race. This is a good guide for anyone who is looking to get into running or planning on running a big race.  

1. Dry Fit Shirt ( from Target, wicks away the sweat so your shirt doesn't become heavy) // 2. ADIDAS hat (had for yeeeaaarrrs! It really helps keep the sweat out of my eyes)  // 3.  Bras: 3 bras to be exact! I wear a regular underwire, a cheap plus size sports bra, regular sports bra ( just an fyi: I am a DD, so I need lots of support)  // 4. New Balance running shoes ( I just wear what the running store says it right for me)  // 5. Starter Sports Shorts ( I also have running shorts but they chaff during longer runs)  // 6. REI Wicking Underwear ( great to wear when not wearing running shorts)  // 7. Runners World Running belt ( held my id, extra money, keys, and energy chews)  // 8. FitSok running socks ( love them! they are soft, comfy, and keep your feet they are locally made!!!)  // 9. Amphipod Arm Strap (holds itouch and has extra pockets) // 10. Bandana  ( I had a cold so I was going to use it as a hanky. I ended up just tying it around my wrist and using it as a sweatband)

Put all the elements and this is what you get!! 

I also wear my old eye glasses when I run. 
My regular ones get dirty really fast and I don't want to ruin them with my sweat!

If you have any questions about what I wore/wear 
wanna share what you wear when running

I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment!

May 27, 2012

.a year has passed.

Hey everyone! Sorry I was totally MIA for the last week. I guess I took birthday week to a whole new level and just didn't do anything at all when I got home from work! Please say you forgive me!

Last Friday was my birthday, I turned the big 2-8....only two more years until 30! Where has the time gone!?! Seriously, how is it that my birthday has already come and gone? It's true the older you become the faster life passes you by.

So, I thought I would great to reflect and see what I have done this last year and try to figure out where the time actually went!!

Went to great concerts such as NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys), Bright Eyes, Grouplove, The Head and The Heart, Dave Barnes, & Dropkick Murphys,

Went on a great trip to NYC,

took in the monuments by night via the river,

celebrated THIS wonderful woman's 90th birthday,

showed my uncle the DC sights for his trip to help us move home,

packed up our uhaul and moved all our stuff across country,

hopped on THIS plane and moved across the world to Australia,

moved to this beautiful city; Newcastle, Australia,

hung out with this cutie...and other cute Aussie animals,

spent days hanging out in this great city, Sydney,

went to New Zealand for the World Rugby Cup game USA vs. Australia,

had a whale of a time whale watching,

learned how to surf,

said goodbye to this wonderful woman,

spent tons of time with my dad Down Under for three weeks,

traveled by train  in Australia for 3 1/2 weeks to see places such as: Melbourne, Canberra, Coffs Harbor, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, and Cairns,

moved back to Minnesota and settled into our new apartment,

and ran my first half marathon!

When looking back on the year, I feel like 27 was waaaaaaayyyyy goood! 
Hopefully, I will be able to keep up the momentum and make 28 just as great 
in its own little way! 

May 22, 2012



Just a little quick note to say,
" SORRY I've been MIA!!!"
I've taken a little break and enjoying my birthday week. 
I had/have tons of stuff to post, 
but the sun has been calling my I listened to it!

I promise I'll be back soon....
please still looove me!

May 20, 2012

.Snapshot Sunday.

Sometimes I miss just being a metro ride away from here. 

* sigh* 

May 19, 2012

.warm days.

* Photos from last year*

The weather has been SOOOOO nice out lately here in MN. 
Even though these photos are from last year, 
Dave and I did go outside and laid in the grass reading. 
It's one of my favorite things to do on a warm day!

Man...I don't know how I feel about starting a job on Monday.
Who will go lay in the sun if I can't do it?

Hope you have amazing weather where you are, 
if you do PLEASE go enjoy it and 
maybe lay in the sunshine for a bit!

May 18, 2012


This week has been really about FRIENDS (not the tv show..the real thing).  It's been about hanging out with them, talking for hours, helping one another out, jumping around like college kids at concerts, and even working out a bit. Every day time was spent with someone who means a lot to me! This is definitely something that doesn't happen all the time and I truly wished it did. This is one of the reasons why I have loved my last few weeks of unemployment..hee hee! 

I think we all get busy with life; working, running errands, spending time with partners, etc. We sometimes forget how important our friends and that we need to nurture those relationships as well. Our friendships are just important as our partnerships, friends are there through the thick and thin of everything (hopefully)! 

WHY is ZAC EFRON on the blog today?
because I have an awesome friend (not sure which one!) 
who taped it up to our living room window 
when I was out running.
He was a birthday wish...and it was granted!

May 16, 2012

WIW: Out at the Park

Here is the outfit that I wore while hanging out at the Walker Sculpture Garden.
Pictures of our trip will be up soon!! eeepppp!
We had so much fun hanging out in the sun and taking pictures. 
It was the perfect background for some outfit shots.

FYI: I LOOOOOVVVEEEE this shirt! It really frames me well and makes me look leaner!
Plus you can dress it up or down..perfect!

.the details.
jean,shirt, & cardigan: Old Navy
shoes: Target :: purse: Urban Outfitters
necklace: The Afternoon

And I leave you with my first jumping picture: ssoooooooo fun!

May 15, 2012

.WIW: Colors.

Happy Tuesday! 
How has your week gone thus far? Mine...not to shabby! 
Ever have a day when you have spent all day in your lounge wear?
Then when you do finally venture outside, you have to fancy it up a bit?
Yep..that was me!
This is what I wore to run errands at Target...
after we got back home it was right back to the lounge wear!

Say hello to the Shomobile!

.the details.
shirt and pants: Old Navy
blazer: Lane Bryant 
shoes & purse: Target
necklace: antique store in Australia

.Tuesday Tunes: Grouplove & Reptar.

Tonight We are going to see Grouplove at The Varsity Theatre, with Reptar as the opener. I already love Reptar, who could hate a band that named themselves after the dinosaur in The Rugrats? Tommy Pickle loved Reptar and I feel as I may too! Remember when I went to see Grouplove with The Head and Heart in Sydney? Well, if not check out the playlist I made for that show to hear some of my favorite Grouplove songs. Below check out some videos from the groups tonight!

Grouplove: Colours

Grouplove: Lovely Cup

Reptar: Phonetics

Reptar: Sebastian

What do ya think?

May 14, 2012

.birthday wish list.'s getting closer and closer to my birthday!! I'm kind of excited and kind of hoping it doesn't come. Every year I get closer to that big 3-0...which makes me feel older and older. Instead of obsessing about how old I will be I decided to spend some time creating my own little wish hopefully Dave finds this list!!


I saw this purse in person and LOVED it!! You may not see it clearly on the photo but the embossed skull on the makes me swoon. This would be a great summer bag!

Pretty sure this would be super cute in our apartment!

I would probably cry if I got this camera bag!! It such screams my style AND it can hold my camera safely...I'm sooooooooo in love!

Now that I'm running more, I would love a Garmin watch. 
Why not have your wrist look good while running?

Of course, who wouldn't want to have Zac Efron for their birthday!?!?

now..only 11 days left of get to it!!

May 13, 2012

.momma..ooohhh ohhhhhhhh....

In honor of Mother are some cute pictures of me and my momma:

Yay...I'm Born: lets tell the WHOLE world about how awesome I will be!

I have always thought she was really REALLY silly

Yep..that's a moose head clock, it's just how we roll! 
That desk behind those two awesome sits in my living room..WHAT!!!

Go hug your own momma, 
look at cute pictures of you with the person 
who went through a lot of pain for you, 
and say thank you and you are pretty cool. 


if you don't have a momma anymore, 
go hug someone who has been their like a parent, 
they are just as important as the real thing!