March 30, 2012

.Green Island, Great Barrier Reef.

Green Island is the only place in the WORLD where rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef! The aboriginals used to use the island waters for fishing and perform sacred manhood rituals on the island. Even today tribe members come to perform rituals on the island to keep their heritage alive. Dave and I spent the afternoon on the island relaxing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. It was great to explore the rainforest and then locate our perfect spot to doesn't get much better than that!

Trail through the rainforest 
Tree outside the alligator zoo looked like croc skin!

Snorkel Gear!

Green Island was the first place to have underwater observatory and a movie theatre on an island!


  1. Wow such beautiful pictures! Especially love the turtle one!



  2. It's easy to take great pictures when you have great scenery!! Oh the turtles were soooo amazing..I wish I could see them everyday!