April 1, 2012

.april fools day.

Are you a fan of April Fools Day?
me...not so much.

BUT...(there is always a but, huh?) I did play on little joke via facebook.
The best thing was it was really believable!
I said my niece got hurt while running around the lake with me.
(we didn't go running..nobody was hurt)
It was SOOO believable that two of my best friends texted me about it!
(hopefully karma doesn't come back to me on this one)

Once my 7 year old niece and nephew found out it was April Fools, 
those kids went crazy, 
I think I heard April Fools about 10 times in the hour 
they were at my house! 
Oh, how fun it is to be a kid where the littlest things can crack you up!

Happy pranking to those who prank
and good luck to the rest of us!!

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