March 29, 2012

.DIY simple wall decoration.

Really, is it Thursday already? I just don't believe it, where did the days go? Is this what happens when you work, the days fly by faster?

Today I have a really simple DIY for you or your little ones to do to help decorate your pretty walls.  I literally made these within 5 minutes of having guests over to our apartment! We had picture frames up in the bathroom with nothing in them so I created this cute decoration.

All you need are the following materials:
Paper Cutter (or scissors), picture frames, letter cutouts, glue, and paper

All you have to do is:  1) cut down the paper to the size of your picture frame, 2) arrange the letters the way you wish, 3) glue the letters down on the paper, 4) place in picture frame, 5) hang up and enjoy

See, it's super easy! You probably didn't even need any instructions cause I know you are one smart cookie!

In the second frame, I just cut a piece of scrap booking paper and created a message board. Currently we are using a washable marker to write cute little notes to each other. It's a create way to wake up to or notice during the day!

The bonus is that these are really easy to create and swap out! If you wanted you could create new ones for each holiday, month, or whenever you wanted to!

Have a great Thursday!!