July 27, 2010

this is my town

These photos represent my hometown, well two towns that I consider my hometown. I grew up in the country equally between two small towns, Winnebago and Huntley. The 'larger' of the two has a population of 1,000 and the other town has around probably 350 give or take a few. I love coming from a smaller town, even though my family moved from there in the 5th grade, I still consider it home. I love old, small towns they have a history that speaks from each building and road. When visiting this summer the towns were more isolated then before, buildings were in worse shape, you could feel the pain of the economy, you could see first hand what is happening in America. It breaks your heart but at the same time you look at the residents of these towns and they are surviving. They are strong, hopeful, committed, they do what they need to get by and to support their families...they are who America is built on and who we all need to thank.