February 10, 2010

Nothing comes between me and my vans

Do you have that one pair of shoes that represent you, that you love soooo much that you wear them even when they have holes in them and should be thrown away? That is what my vans are for me, the one pair of shoes that I buy over and over again once over thirty people have told me I need new shoes. I don't buy a new pair of vans until my old pair has big enough holes that either my heel falls out the back or my big toe is sticking out the front. They are like old friends, they are always tried and true always ready for what is ahead and never leave your side. They are there when you need a little pick up and remember who you are, you never have to pretend to be anyone else when wearing your favorite shoes. The vans pictures above are my wedding shoes, and this picture was actually taken the day before my one year annivesary. They have holes in the heels, so when it rains my feet get wet...but I will never get rid of them. They are the shoes that I married my soul mate in, I feel lucky to have been able to wear shoes that represented me during my wedding day cause not all brides take that opportunity. I will always wear black and white checkered vans until I have loved them more then they can handle and I know they will always love me back.