October 18, 2011

.Getting Healthy: Update.

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about how I want to get healthy and my goals in achieving this (which you can find here).

To be honest with you, things have not gone off as well as anticipated or expected. I'm one of those people where I do things for a little while, something happens to screw it up and then it takes me another week before I FINALLY get back on track. And then of course I find another reason to get off plan...then the cycle starts again. BUT I am realizing this trend and am trying hard to kick it in the butt, really I am, even if it doesn't look like it or feel like it.

However I have:

  1.  created my Food Diary, I just need to use it every day not just once a week!
Dairy, Fruit/Veggie, Water, and Pop Intake Counts
What I Fed My Body, How I Moved My Body, and How I Felt
     2. I have my 10 reasons to get healthy taped to the fridge door, my favorite reason is: I DESERVE IT! Because I do deserve to have a healthy life and that is something I forget a lot of the time!

    3.  Dave and I have started lowering our pop intake, we are down to 1.5L a day....which is still a lot but less than what we used to drink. Also we know drink the same amount of water (or more) than we do of pop each day...drinking water at all is a major improvement!

   4. Cooking new healthy meal - we did this a few times, we had chicken wraps one week and then chicken quesadillas another week. I really need more ideas outside of chicken, so if you got any send them our way! I must warn you we only have two working burners and no oven ( I'm afraid to try and light the pilot light...I feel like I will start on fire because I'm so uncoordinated).

   5. Dave and I are slowly working out more and on a consistent basis. We are starting running again, which I have missed more than I ever thought I would, on Monday we ran 2.5 miles and then walked about 3 miles back home. Also, we have discovered the Ocean Baths are a great place to get a swimming workout in! (Ocean Bath: Like a pool, but filled with sand and salt water located right next to the ocean. Basically the best way to technically swim in the ocean!) We swam a few laps and did some running laps in the water as well. It's a great workout for days that I'm working because it's easy on the body and only located 3 blocks from the store!

Each day is a struggle, choosing to be healthy and happier is harder than staying the same and feeling content. Dave and I were having a great Sunday; we swan in the Ocean Baths, laid on the beach, Dave made sandwiches, watched an episode of Bachelorette together on the couch, and then BOOOOOOOOOMMM I felt like crap (mentally & emotionally). The tiny voice in my head was saying , I was fat, I was ugly, asking if I have gained weight since living in Australia.  My response was to crawl into bed for 30 min. not wanting to see anyone or do anything but wallow in my poor self esteem. But finally I made the decision that I wasn't going to let this voice in my head ruin anymore of my day. I made the decision to get up, get out of my pjs, and take a little walk with Dave, it was far to nice outside to not enjoy it...even if my tiny voice was telling me that nobody should have to see me.  Every day I need to put that tiny voice in check, its hard and sometimes the tiny voice wins but I'm trying to squash it forever one day at a time. 

Any healthy living tips?
How do you stay motivated?
More importantly, how do you say 'NO' to your cravings?