January 23, 2012

Adventures with Dad [Part 1]

As you all probably know, my dad came for a visit Down Under.  This was something I truly didn't think would happen, I thought something would come up or happen and he would not be able to come. BUT, he did! He applied and received his first passport ever, saved up the money, and boarded the longest flight in his whole life, and first flight in over 10 years. He did all of this just to see me...well, and to see Australia too!

My dad was here for 3 whole weeks....3 weeks! It was the longest time we have ever been around each other, even when I was a little kid I don't think we had 3 weeks together. I was nervous before he arrived wondering what will we do this whole time and hoping that we didn't kill each other by the end of it! In truth the 3 weeks went by in a flash, my pops and I didn't fight, and now while traveling Dave and I always find things that we think he would be interested in!

Here are some things we did with my dad, the midwestern country boy, while he was down in Australia visiting:

1) Lots of swimming in the Ocean. Dave and I only lived a mile away from the ocean, so a lot of time was spent at the beach when my dad visited. I would read, read, read, and the boys would swim, swim, swim.

My dad diving right into the wave!
2) Koalas and Kangaroos: You can't come Down Under without seeing a koala or kangaroo, it is just unheard of! We took the pops to Blackbutt Reserve, to see some of Australia's wildlife and nature.

3) Evening Walks on the Beach: One of my favorite parts of the day is when the sun slowly starts going down. The best place to watch this is on the beach, you can watch the waves roll in while the sky slowly turns from blue to pink to purple to dark.

This was not planned...we just stood like this naturally and Dave captured it!
4) Fort Scratchley: Went to the Newcastle Fort which used to protect the Newcastle Harbor from invasion. The view from the Fort was beautiful, giving you a clear view of Newcastle and Nobby's Head. 

5) Nobby's Head: After seeing Nobby's Head from above it was time to walk it! Being out on the breakwater with the harbor at one side and the ocean on the other is wonderful. The waves crash upon the rocks with such force that sometimes you may even get wet from the splash! Yep...that happened to me!

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