April 10, 2012

.Tuesday Tunes: Dave Barnes.


Have you heard of this guy, yet? I just love him, I think that if we actually met in person we would be great friends! I have been going to Dave Barnes concerts for about 9 years now and I have LOVED every single one of them. When you go to a Dave Barnes show you get a little comedy show with your music. Dave is hilarious, he is odd, a little strange, and TOTALLY my style. At his last show someone said, " He is sooo weird." me I was just cracking up.....I even snorted, he was THAT funny!!

Varsity Theatre :: Minneapolis, MN
Alright so now that I have rambled on and on, here is some more info. on Mr. Barnes.  Dave is a singer songwriter from Nashville, TN.  He started touring in 2002 (when I first saw him) with an EP, in 2004 he released his first album, Brother, Bring the Sun.  He has just released his 5th studio album in March, I haven't listened to it but it's on my to download list!!   Recently Blake Shelton has released the single, God Gave Me You, which was written by Dave. He was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Song...go Dave!!

You can find out more about him...HERE!

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