April 9, 2012

.Why I Run.

" I don't understand why people run. I only run if someone is chasing me!" 

Have you ever said this? I know that I have...TONS of times! I always thought that runners were crazy, why in the heck would someone CHOSE to run!?! Running was the thing that we were forced to do in high school in which I was always last and finished wanting to collapse....I hated it! Now, now I love running! I still think it is crazy that those words come out of my mouth, " I love running" never would my former self think this would happen. 

So, why do I run? It's simple. I run because it pushes me and it makes me feel confident. A lot of people think that just because I'm a bigger girl I run only because I want to lose weight. I can say that it started out that way, but then it became about something so much bigger than losing some pounds. Every time I would run 1 or 2 miles I felt surprised and SOOOOO proud that I could do it!! Then I slowly started to push myself with going further or a little bit faster. Every single time I pushed myself I felt great, I felt like I could do anything! 

The first time I ran six miles..I was ecstatic! I wanted to stop so many times during the run, but I didn't because all I could think was, " I am an obese woman, who is doing something that not everyone can do! I can do this!!!" and I did it! I love that feeling, the feeling that I can do something that people don't expect me to do by looking at me.  

I run because:
society doesn't think I should be able to, 
I prove stereotypes wrong, 
it makes me feel strong, 
and proud, 
I love how it makes me feel.

I run for me!

What is something you do that makes you feel proud?

p.s. yesterday I ran 11 miles without stopping..the farthest I have ever ran!!
I am totally going to kick this 1/2 marathons ass booty!!!!

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