June 21, 2011

New York State of Mind

Dave and I had a great weekend in NYC. We loved it sooo much we wanted to leave a little piece of us in New York, so we accidentally left Dave's keys in Brooklyn! It really isn't a Shoave trip if there isn't a few mishaps! We started off our trip going to our Megabus stop, but when we walked up to where we assumed it was, there was a HUGE crater in the ground. A nice gentleman who probably saw our confused and concerned faces came over to assist us, letting us know that we were WAAAAYYY off. So with little time left we called a cab and headed to our new destination, the true Megabus stop! Dave and I have had mishaps like this happen almost every time we head out somewhere, once we even went to the wrong airport! But once we got to our stop, the rest of things fell into place.

Friday Night: We found out that the Mets were playing a home game, so we headed straight out to the ball field. Dave loves the Mets and grew up going to Shae Stadium with his father, this was his first time at the new Citi Field and seeing the Mets at a home game in years.  This was the most fun I have ever had at a baseball game! The organization does a great job in getting their fans active and engaged. I was dancing, yelling, and chanting with the best of them!

Dave and the Home Run Apple

Perfect Evening for a Baseball Game
Saturday: Our hotel bed put a spell on us and we didn't get up until around 10:30p.m. and didn't finally leave our room until noon. We started our day off by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Have you ever seen the Sex and the City Movie? Well near the end Miranda and Steve decide that if they both want to stay in their marriage and work at it, they would meet in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge.....and.....they do! YAY! From this point on, I had always wanted to walk across the bridge, it's silly and girly, I know, but hey, sometimes that is what life is about. After walking across the bridge we went to Grimaldi's, which is a brick oven pizza place right under the bridge. It is very popular, the line was down the block. So Dave being the New Yorker he is knew of a different brick oven pizza place that was really delicious and famous. It was Lombardi's and has been in business since 1905, we still had to wait, but the pizza is worth the wait! After finally eating, we headed to Coney Island. I was excited to be able to take pictures and relax a bit. Haa haaa...WRONG! It was the Mermaid Parade and the whole place was PACKED with people, mermen, and mermaids. We walked around and then jumped right back on the train to head to Central Park. We went to Strawberry Fields while the sun was setting. We got to sit and relax listening to a group of John Lennon fans play guitar and sing different Beatles Songs. We walked further into Central Park and found the most amazing view of the city and climbed on the rocks to sit and enjoy it. It was very peaceful, it didn't feel like we were in the city at all. It was finally time to eat again and we headed off to Greenwich Village to a dinner Dave had went to as a kid.  Then finally late at night it was time to crawl back into our bed and have it place another spell on us. 

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Coney Island Wonder Wheel

Sunday: Again the bed placed a spell on us and we had a hard time waking up and pulling ourselves out of bed! We started off the day with a ferry ride to Staten Island, which is the cheapest and easiest way to see the Statue of Liberty.  The weather was beautiful, it was so relaxing to be on the moving water ( I love boats, I think its cause I'm from MN) and thinking of how many people came into this country setting eyes on the Statue of Liberty and feeling they are finally able to be free of what was holding them back before.  After the ride to Staten Island and back we headed back to Central Park to see the Alice and Wonderland Statue. I have seen this statue is different movies and tv shows (Million dollar Matchmaker) and thought it was pretty cool. Dave had never seen it, so that was a plus too (it's nice for the New Yorker to experience something new in NY).  Next, we got on the train and headed to Astoria to meet up with one of Dave's college friends. We walked around Astoria Park, ate amazing Greek food, and shared a zillion stories! It was a great way to end our trip to NYC! 

Me and my little ducklings on the Ferry

I took 477 photos while in NYC for 2.5 days..its a curse for loving photography so much. One little shift can change the whole perspective. So keep a look out for different themed photo blogs featuring pictures taken during this NYC trip and the one in January!

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