May 18, 2012


This week has been really about FRIENDS (not the tv show..the real thing).  It's been about hanging out with them, talking for hours, helping one another out, jumping around like college kids at concerts, and even working out a bit. Every day time was spent with someone who means a lot to me! This is definitely something that doesn't happen all the time and I truly wished it did. This is one of the reasons why I have loved my last few weeks of unemployment..hee hee! 

I think we all get busy with life; working, running errands, spending time with partners, etc. We sometimes forget how important our friends and that we need to nurture those relationships as well. Our friendships are just important as our partnerships, friends are there through the thick and thin of everything (hopefully)! 

WHY is ZAC EFRON on the blog today?
because I have an awesome friend (not sure which one!) 
who taped it up to our living room window 
when I was out running.
He was a birthday wish...and it was granted!

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