September 14, 2011

For The Love of Trees

If you have been reading for a bit, you may know that I am in love with trees. They are strong, beautiful, unique, and represent a lot of things I hope to represent in my daily life. I obsessively am taking pictures of trees, finding each tree and branch to be individually awe inspiring. 

Well, this weekend Dave and I took part in our first civic engagement here in Newcastle. We attended the GIG to Save the FIGS at the local civic Park. City council is trying to tear down the fig streets on Lamben Street (which is behind the park  and in front of the art gallery and library) for "traffic" reasons (there may be different reasons, but this seems to be the main one).  Have you seen a fig tree? These are BEAUTIFUL, magnificent trees that tower over everything below them providing a sheltering canopy.

To tear down trees that have been here for more years that we have been alive because of traffic reasons is sooo sad. Lamben Street is not that large of a street (maybe due to the trees) but that is okay because nature is more important than getting somewhere quicker. Plus I'm one for even not having a street, I think making the section of road into a pedestrian path would be great! Could you say no to these great figs??
*Not on Lamdon Street* But look at how BIG they are!
Since I love trees and love taking tree pictures, I wanted to share a few that I have taken that I especially love.  
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Don't you want to sit under here and read a book?

I love how trees change with the season

Cute little Bottle Tree
Trees with blossoms are a double whammy!!
Won't you join me under the tree?
Trees know no boundaries and can grow where ever, as should we.

Thanks for letting me geek about about my tree love! 
I hope you liked it as much as I liked
posting the photos.


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  1. Sho - I LOVE your tree pics. You do an awesome job at capturing the beauties in nature!