June 26, 2011

Sale Sale Sale

Sales have been on the brain lately..well just one sale really, our Apartment Sale. No, we aren't selling our apartment (cause we can't due to renting it) but we don't have a Yard or Garage, so our moving sale is an Apartment Sale. We have it on Thursday, the very next day after we come back from our vacation to Chincoteague, VA (a.k.a. Horse Island).  I believe I am crazy for doing this, but it's really the only time we could do it. So this weekend has been used to pack, pull items to sell, cleaning, arranging items, and pricing. It has been a crazy, busy weekend and I am exhausted!

But even though we have been busy getting ready for our big sale and move. We did take time to relax a bit and just hang out with each other.

Thursday we went on a DC Cruise on the Potomac River to see the Monuments in the Moonlight. It was very relaxing, I placed my feet up and just sat back and watched the sights go by. 

Friday we went to the movie Midnight In Paris, Woody Allen's latest movie. It was sooo good! I recommend it to everyone. It made me smile in my heart and brain!

Watch the trailer!

Saturday we met our friends Betsy and Kenny in Chinatown for dinner. It was so good to see them, it had been far to long! We ate at one of Dave and I's favorite restaurants, Nando's. It is amazingly delicious Portuguese chicken with equal amazing sides. Plus the best side is that it is very reasonable priced, we got a whole chicken with to large sides for $23...I don't think you can beat that in DC!


Now I am off to pack for our mini vacation to the Horse Island! I am soo excited, this is the one place I have wanted to visit since we arrived in VA three years ago! Wild horses roam the island and beach..I am scared of horses (their are so beautiful and so powerful) but I can't wait to see them just walking about.   I can't wait to take pictures and show them to you all!

What are your plans for this week?

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