November 11, 2011

Five Things Friday

1) My favorite line from The Outsiders is, " They call me Cherry cause of my red hair." I have no idea why this is my favorite line, maybe it's because I really wanted red hair when I first watched the movie.

2) I sometimes enter shops or boutiques based solely on the music that they are playing. If a tune catches my ear I am more likely to enter than if I like a few items in the window display.

3) When I was younger, I hard a hard time finding my birth mark (it's really tiny). My mom told me I was alien because I didn't have one....I believed her for FAR to LONG!

4) I got my ears pierced in 4th grade. I really only did this because I had short hair and was sick of people thinking I was a boy, I thought having your ears pierced truly showed I was a girl.

5) I sleep when I am mad, sad, and of course tired. Sleep is my getaway/ my way of not dealing with things I really need to deal with.

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