June 19, 2012

.Tuesday Tunes: Summer Mixed Tape.

I LOOVVVEEEE the summer time (really...who doesn't?!?!)!!! To me the summer means sunshine, time at the water (lake side here in MN...), reading books outside in the shade, spend lots and lots of time with friends and family, and having good old fashioned fun!!!

Since this week summer officially starts ( June 20th) I thought I would whip together a little summer play list. I know that these songs are going to be on repeat throughout summer on my ipod! Plus, I'm pretty excited to see at least three of the artists in concert this summer! 

What is on your summer playlist?


  1. Helena Beat is great! Do you like Coconut Records? Nighttiming has a great summery sound. :D

    1. I haven't head of Coconut Records but you better believe that I am going to go google them right now!!! Thanks for the tip!