June 8, 2012

.Around the City: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Hello!!! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was great and you got to be in the sunshine a little bit. This weekend I got my sun on, drink on, and grub on...it was fantastic!

Remember ALLLL the way back in April when the Around The....series started? Probably not because I haven't been that great about writing within the series. The series shows you things around the neighborhood, apartment, and Minneapolis!

Today I want to show you probably one of the most popular places in Minneapolis, the Sculpture Garden.  If you see any advertising for Minneapolis or MN you probably have see our famous Spoonbridge and the Cherry Sculpture. It looks like this....

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country with 11 acres. Along with the Spoonbridge and the Cherry the garden has 40 other permanent sculptures, a conservatory, and a pretty cool pedestrian bridge. After walking around the sculpture garden and feeling inspired you can walk right into the Walker Art Museum and get your art on! 

To get to the Sculpture Garden just head towards Hennipen Ave!

pedestrian bridge

Not a piece in the garden..but I was feeling inspired!

Hope this gave you a little peek into our famous Minneapolis Sculpture Garden!
Make sure you come visit and spend some time relaxing with friends around great art. 

Wanna see more pictures?
Check out more here!

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