June 28, 2012

.Around the City: Lake Calhoun.

Last week I shared with you one of my favorite spots, Lake Harriet. Well not to far from Lake Harriet is the very (very) popular Lake Calhoun. Lake Calhoun is the biggest lake in Minneapolis and there are both walking and biking paths that connect the lakes, making it super easy to navigate and explore.

One of my favorite things about Lake Calhoun (besides people watching) is the great view of the city! I find it utterly amazing that we can have such great lakes, trails, and be part of nature within being a few mile(s) from the city. Where else can you find this?!?! I love how people come to the lake to walk, run, hang out with friends, swim, sail, and to just be seen! (if you are curious the walking path is about 3 miles around)

Around the lake their are three different beaches in which you can take a dip to cool off or work on your tan. If you aren't the swimming type you can always partake in other water sports such as renting a paddle boat, kayak, canoe, or taking a sailing lesson. Or if you are like me you can go sit on the dock, let you feet hit the water, and watch all the fish swim around. 

I think these two girls have the right idea, getting on a paddle boat and relaxing in great company. That is what the summer days are for, right? Not for working late in the office but for getting out into the summer and being with the people you love and make you happy (just remember to wear sunscreen!).  So if you are in Minneapolis grab your gear and head towards the lake for some sunshine, people watching, and good eating at the Tinfish food stand. I promise you wont' be disappointed!

Where do you like to go in the summer?

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