June 22, 2012

.Around the Neighborhood: Lake Harriet.

As you may know I run, and mostly I run just in my neighborhood area. It's such a great area and we are lucky to be able to run near home. Dave and I started running in Australia with the ocean by our side and I was worried how we would transition. Thankfully, it was easy since we now run around Lake Harriet majority of the time! I am excited to share with you a place that has come to mean a lot to both Dave and I. It is one of the main reasons we love our apartment sooo much!!

Lake Harriet is one of many lakes in the Minneapolis area. It has both biking and walking paths (walking path is 2.75 miles) for you to enjoy. On the paths you find lots of families, walkers and runners enjoying nature and sunshine. It doesn't get to crazy filled with people, which is good for when we run! During the summer people bring their boats and sailboats out to the lake and dock them there for the season. I had never seen so many little boats on a lake before, I love the way they look on the lake. You can even sign up for sailing lessons..how great is that!!!

Lake Harriet houses a beautiful Band Shelter and food stand which is busy busy in the summer. In the summer you can find live music almost every single night and movies in the park a number of times. I'm sure other things will take place in the shelter, we just haven't been around long enough to see them! 

Along with sailing and boating you can also rent canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats by the hour.  It's a great way to get out on the lake and spend the afternoon. This summer I know that we are going to rent a kayak one day and work our arms out all afternoon!! 

The pictures above are from my favorite section/place on the lake. When running I always look over to the city view because it makes me feel very lucky to live where I live. I think, " This is why we moved here, to be near nature but still so close to the city." Who has this great view of the city? Well a teen tiny elf of course! On the lake we have the "Elf Tree" where our local elf lives. Inside the home you can leave wishes and notes for the elf and if you are lucky the elf will leave you a note back! Whenever I see little kids peering into the house a smile spreads across my face as I see the wonderment on their faces. 

This is one of my favorite areas in the city.
Where is one of your favorite areas?


  1. Vita.mn movies and music is the best! We have to go sometime this summer!

    1. Yes lets have a picnic one day at the bandshell!