November 7, 2011

.What I Want: Relationships.

September was my month to figure out who I wanted to be, October I worked on getting healthy and November is going to be all about working on relationships. I even have my playlist ready for the month with a friendship theme!

What I Want...Relationships:

  • To be an engaged and active member of the community
  • To continuously nurture and grow the relationships I have
  • To be someone that is trusted and relied on
  • For my love never to be doubted or questioned
  • To find my "tribe"
  • To be open to new experiences and new people
  • To control my anger and not push others away
  • To feel 100% comfortable with myself and with others
  • To give love so deeply that it hurts at times
  • To be vulnerable
My gansta wedding party
From the list above I am going to be focusing on: To Continuously Nurture & Grow the Friendships I Have. If you ask any of my friends you will find out that I am not the best person at keeping in contact with others. I don't call (.ever.), write emails, text..I always seem to get wrapped up in my own life and just assume my friends are also wrapped up in theirs, so I never put the effort in. But that needs to change because my friends are truly like family to me, they love me and accept me as I am...that is a HUGE thing and they deserve more love and respect from me.

I plan on doing this by:

  • writing e-mails at least twice a month to say hi and check in!
  • Sent surprise gifts or snail mail to let them know I have been thinking of them.
  • Open myself up more/be more vulnerable with them...really tell them how I am doing and when I am struggling.
  • express how I feel about our relationship and what it means to me
  • build a relationship where we can challenge and hold each other accountable when needed
  • be honest
  • make time: friendships are as important as other relationships in my life
To be honest, I 'm really really excited about this month and working on my relationships! I know this is going to be both rewarding to me as well as the others I hope to reach out to! I will keep you updated on how things go during the month!

Does anyone else struggle with this?
How do you keep connected with friends?

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  1. your blog ate my comment.
    this is a great post ; i need to get better at this as well.