October 21, 2011

.Five Things Friday.

Whoops! It's Saturday here but it's technically still Friday in the States, so I think that counts so that I'm not late with 5 Things Friday!

1) I really, really want a short sleeve tattoo...like really bad. BUT I'm afraid of how much it will hurt and can't make up my mind on the design. I have a little tattoo and when I was getting it I thought the pain was horrible!

2) All of my closest friends were met either in high school or undergrad. I've tried to see if there are others like my friends out there, but I still haven't found any! It just means you can NEVER replace great friends, they are your soul mates. 

3) I used to want to be a writer. I would write long stories all the time, they were about high schoolers falling in love but being of different races and their parents not approving, kids getting terminally ill diseases and falling in love. BASICALLY I think I was reading to much Lurlene McDaniel books and stealing her influences!

4) I graduated high school a semester early because I was SOOOO over school.

5) I graduated undergrad a year late because I loved school and the experience so much I didn't want to leave. 

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