October 10, 2011

Me: A to Z..Yippie!!!

I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to do! A lot of the items are random tidbits about myself, but random things are sometimes the most fun to know about others! Dave and I came up with the categories ourself, that way I could switch it up from what others have posted. What can I say I sometimes just like to go my own way......go my own way...anyone, anyone get the reference?!?! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!!!

Age: 27 years, 4 months, 16 days
Books I really, really like:  This Much I Know Is True, Lovely Bones, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, (almost) any Laurie Notaro book.
Colleges Attended: Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU) and George Mason University (GMU)
Dad Memory: every summer my dad would take me on a trip in his Semi to Texas, it was just us and the open road for a week. I loved it, it made me feel special and close to him!
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Away We Go, if it is on the TV I HAVE to watch it!! The end, it always gets me, I cry soooo hard. I want to one day live in the farm house where my mom and I grew up, it is filled with so many memories and I would love to fill it with more family memories.
Games I like to play: Scrabble, Drunk Monopoly, and Scategories
Husbands Name: David Andrew Roberts.  I call him 'Babe' or Davi

Inspirations: clouds, love, trees, children, colors, openness, quite, the world
Job: book seller at local family owned bookstore
Kids: someday...but none right now.  I keep changing the time on when I want to have them, one day it will be soon and then another time I think people my age are crazy to have kids...I'm just so confused!
Languages: English (kind of) and Spanish (poco)
Music: Hanson, City and Colour, Bright Eyes, The Head and the Heart, Foster the People, Florence + Machine, GLEE, Mumford & Sons, Matt Wertz, etc.........
Nervous Ticks: tapping my foot, twidling my thumbs, feeling like I'm going to pee my pants
Originally From: Huntley, Minnesota...small town, probably about 300 people. It has a church, bank, cafe/post office, and lots of farmers!

Patience level: not very high, this is something I need to work on.
Questions I most frequently ask: Why? Does this look cool? What are you doing?
Reality Shows I'm addicted to: Farmer Wants a Wife, The Beauty and The Geek, The Bachelorette,The Amazing Race, Kardashins,...I will watch almost any reality tv show. I love other peoples drama and then am glad I don't have drama in my life.  Maybe I learned this from my mom who used to watch the Jerry Springer Show to make herself feel normal!
Song on the radio that I stay in my car for: Boys of Summer; The Ataris version. It's hands down one of my two favorite songs!
Twinge: Great Scrabble word I played this last month!
Umbrella: square blocks of pink, green, yellow, purple, white...its cute!
Vikings Player: Jared Allen #69....I sooooo want to be his friend. We could double date!
World Travels: Mexico, Nepal, London, Canada, Bermuda, Australia (2 times), New Zealand
Mexico- Mayan Ruins
X-Rays: only of my collarbone when I was little, I fell off my grandma's bed.  My mom was an X-Ray technician so I grew up around X-Rays and trying to figure out what was wrong with people.
Yard Sales: YES PLEASE!! I love yards sales! We used to have one every summer and for some reason I loved working it all day long.
Zoo animal: elephant, if it's a baby elephant it's even better!

Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something new!
Have a great Tuesday!

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