October 11, 2011

OOW: 1 Day, 1 Dress, 3 Outfits

Have you ever had those days when one look just doesn't cut it? 

That was totally me on Sunday. 
Here is how things played out through my wardrobe....

Look #1:
I wore this at the beginning of the day; Dave and I went to brunch, shopping, and then to a street festival. It started to get a little windy so I was at times trying to hold my dress down and my scarf from flying in my face at the same time...then add holding bags, it was not a pretty sight. It was then and there I decided it was time to head home and maybe put some pants on....
Dress: Forever 21, Cardigan: Old Navy, Scarf: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Big W

Look #2:
After heading home and changing the outfit a little bit I was ready to head back out to the street festival. I feel that adding the pants and tucking in my dress a bit really changed the outfit. With the pants, I wasn't feeling the red cardigan anymore, so I opt for my trusty black one and added a little color with the necklace. I also got a little bit of color with my new purse purchased that day! 

Look #3:
So after a day at the street festival, Dave and I headed back home to relax. The day was so lovely outside I talked him into going into once last walk before it got dark out. Since the wind died down, off with the pants....for my third look of the day!

Don't you love pieces that are so versatile?
What do you have in your closet that you 
can wear in different ways to get
different outfits?
This girl needs more tips and ideas!!!


  1. great ideas! I love that black dress and it is obviously very versatile!

  2. Omg! I love the idea of tucking in a dress and using it as a tunic/blouse. Your looks are all different and equally cute.

  3. Thanks guys! Tucking in your dress and making it a shirt is another great way to get a fall/winter look out of your summer clothes...and who doesn't like being able to reuse your items and saving money!!!