January 22, 2010

Connections decades apart

I didn't take this picture...the picture was taken many many years before I was born, before I was even a thought. The girl in this picture is my mother and I assume that it was taken outside on the lawn of the family farm. I love looking at old pictures of my family and my mother. Pictures of our past help guide is and tell us stories that others haven't shared yet, while at the same time letting us daydream about how it used to be. My mother is no longer with us, therefore I can't ask her questions about the pictures and the experiecnces they caputured. Since I can't do that, I like to make up my own stories about the pictures, tying in stories I have heard in the past and placing them in the pictures. The reason I love this picture is becasue it is so simple and beatiful, plus I love the shoes that my mom was wearing. I never knew she used to wear converse like shoes, I love my converses! When I look at this picture, I think of my mom being in her teens spending a lazy sunny summer day. On the farm, there isn't much to do at times, so she decided to play with the farm cat's kittens. This is something I also did when I was younger and living on the farm. When looking at pictures of my mom when she is growing up and before I knew her as "mom",  I realize how much we have in common and how she grew into the person whom I knew as one of the strongest, nuturing, mother and woman.

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