January 6, 2010

Merry Go Round and Round and Round

Merry go rounds are sometimes like life. We get on and then go round and round and round not really knowing where we will be when we stop. Some get on and quickly decide they want to get off, to afraid to continue going around and up and down on their horses, they opt to get off early and enjoy the ride from the outside. Some get on the ride and fall in love with it instantly. As they go round and round, they wave and holler at the loved ones watching them and cheering for them. They are happy and never want to get off, when the ride starts they decide to either do it again or run in giggles to their families with open arms.

This photo was taken on July 4th on the National Mall. Watching the kids go round and round reminded me of my childhood. Every year on July 4th my family and I would jump into the car with our packed cooler and clothes and head north for two hours to the only amusement park, Valleyfair, in Minnesota. I would never be able to sleep the night before due to the anticipation. We would arrive right when the gates opened. After the employees took our picutre next to fountain, we walked straight to the first ride of the day. This ride was the merry go round, it was my favorite ride as a kid. I would run to it and get in line, find the perfect horse, and giggle and wave to my family waiting for me on the sideline. Riding that ride made me feel proud, independent, like I could do anything and my family would be there cheering me on and waiting for me.  I haven't been on the Merry Go Round since my junior prom in hs, but maybe next time I see one, I'll get on, find the perfect horse, and go round and round, waving at my wonderful husband cheering me on from the side.

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