February 3, 2010

Bright Pink Houses Bring Warmth

This weekend Northern Virginia I have heard is estimated to get 12-20 inches of snow...that is a lot of snow for us east coasters. We have already had about 25 inches this winter..I would say that is 20 inches more than last year and its going to continue! AARRGGHHH!!! But when it's snowy and cold outside, I like to look at pictures that bring me warmth and happiness. When looking at this picture of the bright pink house with contrasting bright green shutters I immediatly feel the warmth of the Bermuda sun on my face. All the houses in Bermuda are painted brightly, which is one of the things I love about the country. The houses could also be one of the reasons why all the people in Bermuda were happy and friendly while I was there or it could be my great personality! Maybe when I own a home I will paint it a bright cheery color and bring warmth to my neighbors, or on the other hand maybe I will just paint a little dog house in a cheery color!

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