June 14, 2011


This is how life feels right now.

Everything is moving fast, a little to fast if you ask me, and I can't slow down. I have to keep up with the traffic and all the moving cars (who seem to be speeding at least 15 miles overs the speed limit).  I know that if I really needed, I could put my blinker on, merge onto the side of the road, and take a deep breath. But sometimes it seems sooo far away, like I'm in the furthest lane over and the cars are going so fast I can't even get over one lane, I need to go over three before I can breathe, and I have so much difficult getting over one lane that I say F it and just continue with the flow of traffic hoping it will let up further down the road. 
From today on we have 5 weeks before we leave for Minnesota. Within these 5 weeks we only have 15 days where we are not busy..not yet, at least. The rest of the days we are mostly traveling, some for vacation and some to visit family. So that leaves 15 days to pack up our apartment, figure out how to move our stuff across country, get ready to live in another country, and still remain sane! EEECCCKKK..I feel like this is going to be a crazy, crazy month! So bare with me, I may be talking about this a lot on the blog!

But at least tonight we got some big things accomplished (yay for productivity!). We now have health insurance (mine is done tomorrow), a place to rest our little heads when we land in Australia (for at least two days), a determined budget to stay under when we are abroad, and someone to drive our uhaul across the country. So tonight I can rest a little peaceful..which is good because I need the sleep.  Tomorrow is my last day at work and I am a mixed bag of emotions about this. I foresee a few tears tomorrow as I close the door on my now empty office. 

How do you handle stressful situations? Have an moving tips?

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