June 10, 2011

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday

This is what my Friday night looked like:

Summer time outfit: CHECK! Plus this is the first year in FOREVER (10+  years) that I have worn shorts!

We drove around for 40min. trying to find parking for Celebrate Fairfax, where Third Eye Blind was playing. But the whole county of Fairfax also decided to show up...so no parking...and no show. What
to do next?

First Stop Dairy Queen! When it's warm outside I craaaave ice-cream. So I had myself a Oreo Brownie Earthquake, soo delicious!


OH my..Look at that score! It's the highest I have ever gotten( mine is the 139).I just may join the professionals next year!

Second game, not as great of a score..but still broke a 100! But from frame 6 to 9 Dave and I were exactly 10 pts from each other each frame and then we tied!

After a rousing 2 games of bowling we headed home and made ourselves a little drinky drink.

Then we settled down and watched a little Dexter. I snuggled up in my Weezer snuggie!

How was your Friday night? What did you do? Did you get down like Rebecca Black?

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