July 6, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Carol Jean!

Today is my momma's birthday, it's a day when I feel both celebratory and sad. I know that today I would have teased her about how old she is getting, she would be 58 {what and old fart she would be!}, sang her Happy Birthday, and told her how much I love her {she was a very very very cool mom and loving person}. So today I will celebrate her great life and love, I will be thinking of her often throughout the day, eating some of her favorite foods, and telling my grandma and sister how much I love them.

Look at that little lady all dressed up

My favorite photo - I believe that my grandma passed a love of reading to both my mom and myself

My sisters and I carried these hearts with us when she was in the hospital. One of the reasons I got married on July 5th was so it close to her birthday, so she could be there with us celebrating every year.

Miss you and love you! 

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