August 21, 2011

Adventures in the Rain

This is week the Newcastle weather has been a little dreary, it has been raining off and on with a heavy outcast. But even this weather can't stop Dave and I from going out a bit each day to either run errands or go on a little adventures. Our latest adventure was to the Antique Center, walk the Harbor Promenade, and then to Stockton Island to walk the Shipwreck Walk.

After the Antique Center, which was AMAZING, the weather was beautiful so we slowly walked on the Harbor Promenade. It was a great atmosphere with families walking along, couples skateboarding and biking, and hearing the laughter of children while Dave and I walked side by side always ready for the many photo opportunities. 

From our walk we went to find out when the next ferry ride was to Stockton Island. Stockton is a little town and in true Island fashion you can only get to it via the ferry. The ferry arrives every 30min. and runs from the crack of dawn to midnight and costs $2.30 for a single ride. Dave and I were headed to walk the Shipwreck Walk near Stockton Beach where you actually see different ships that didn't make it to there final destination. 

When we arrived on the Island the weather turned quit nasty pretty quickly. The wind was howling and picking up speed and it began to drizzle. But being the troopers we are we just smiled and walked out into the weather heading for our destination. As we kept walking and running about like fools the weather kept getting worse. It wasn't until I had been pelted by water for about 10 mins. did I decide that maybe it was time we start headed back to the ferry and some type of shelter. But while on the Island we did get to see a very large ship come into the harbor. I had never seen a ship this big! Even some of the locals drove out in the weather to come see the ship get into harbor.

We got back to the Ferry Terminal just in time to get the next Ferry, talk about good timing! And as luck should have it the weather wasn't as bad on the Newcastle side as it was on the Stockton side. The wind had died down, leaving us with just a slight drizzle as we made our way back to the apartment to settle in for the evening and stay dry. 

I hope that next week the sun decides to come out to say hello and stay for a nice visit! But if not Dave and I will continue to find small little things to do here in Newcastle to occupy our time. We probably should try looking for a job, but what fun is that when you live in a new city and there is soooo much exploring to do!


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