August 4, 2011

C ya Down Under!

In officially 24 hours Shoave will be in the airport checking in for the adventure of a lifetime! We will be flying from Minneapolis, MN to Dallas, TX (then running our booties off to catch the next plane) to Brisbane, AUS to Newcastle, AUS! Holy flying, batman! We will be leaving for this adventure around 4p.m. on Friday, August 5th and landing at 1:30p.m. August 7th...crazy. There will be a total of 20 hours spent in the air. The worst part right now is that Dave has caught a major cold yesterday and can't seem to shake it. So I have him on a strict schedule of medicne, orange juice, and rest..the last thing we (or others) want is for him to be sick during the whole way to Australia.

So today will be spent doing errands and getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime. We still have no idea where we will live, where we will work, when we will come home, or what the heck we will do! This is what makes it VERY exciting and VERY crazy! Since we will be busy running around and have no wireless internet access this will be the last post from AMERICA!!

We will see you on the flip side,


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