October 7, 2011

FTF: Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! It's another Friday which means you get to learn another 5 things about yours truly!

1) The only family vacation my family took was the summer before I started kindergarden. We borrowed a motor van and drove through North and South Dakota. I remember going to the Corn Palace, seeing bears and Bear Country, riding a tortoise at the Reptile Garden, and driving through the Black Hills. It was a great family vacation and one that I will probably do with my future children.

2)  My favorite photographer in the whole wide world is Ansel Adams. His pictures of nature are breathe taking and grab you. He was an amazing, talented photographer. If I had just the talent he held in his pinky finger I would consider myself to be a lucky lady.

3) I L-O-V-E the smell of freshly mowed/cut grass. Plus I even love cutting the grass to get that smell.

4) In high school I played basketball and softball. Basketball was okay, but softball was where my heart was. I played first base and truly loved it, I was pretty good on the field but I kind of stunk at hitting. I wanted to play in college, but I graduated high school early and left the dream of playing in college on the field.

5) One day, hopefully within the next year, Dave and I will own a bulldog (hopefully English) and their name will be Winston. We have been waiting and thinking about this dog for over a year now and I can't wait until we find one. It will be a little harder because we plan on rescuing one instead of getting it from a breeder, when looking at the website our hearts break a little for the bulldogs with no homes.

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