November 19, 2011

I'm on Team....

Oye! This week I have been totally MIA.  I wish I had a good excuse for it, but really I don't. This week was just wonky with me working and then sleeping and then watching tv.....see not a good excuse at all!

But I have made a pretty big decision within the last week. As you may know, I have been conducting "research" and reading all the Twilight books to see what the phenomenon is all about. Within the last three weeks I have read ALL of the books and watched ALL of the movies, even Breaking Dawn(!!!!). Man, I did not think that I would become so obsessed with all of this research, but when a book grabs you it really does grab you! After all of this "research" I am ready to make my decision, as to which team I am on. I have been thinking long and hard about this while reading each book, will I be Team Jacob or Team Edward?

I have joined TEAM...

In Katoomba, our hostel was on this sign!

I think the best thing about reading Twilight is getting lost in the story of Edward and Bella, I'm a sucker for a love story. The thing though is that their love story is one that we all can have. I truly believe that Dave and I have a love that would make Bella and Edward blush, yep it's SOOO grand it would make a vampire blush! Dave has saved me from death, he has provided me with a love that will last forever, he is my best friend, and we would die to save the other....just like Bella and Edward, but we are fragile little humans. 

Have you read the books?
Which team are you on?

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