February 5, 2012

Aussie Tunes: Reece Mastin

So, here we are with another X-factor music video for y'all.  Did you like the Guy Sebastien one? I hope so! This here is Reece Mastin, he won this years Australian X-factor. If you haven't seen the X-factor, contestants are paired with judges as coaches and they all battle it out each week. Guy Sebastien was Reece's coach and was the only coach to have 2 contestants in the top 3.  I have never been into American Idol but when Down Under Dave and I watched the whole season of X-factor and by far Reece was our favorite the whole time. This kid, I say kid because he is only 16 years old, has talent...pure natural talent. He has the voice, the look, the swag, and the drive to really make it big.  I cross my fingers that he makes it to the states and blows everyone's socks off!

Reece Mastin: Good Night

If you like this song, check out YouTube for a video of him and Kylie Minogue performing on X-factor! He is singing with an Aussie legend and holds his own! 


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