February 28, 2012


Today marks the third week that we have been back in the states and more importantly back to living in Minnesota. I can't believe that it's been this long already, just one more week and a whole MONTH will have passed by. So much has happened in the last three weeks and yet I feel like we still have so much to do! As you may know Dave and I moved to Minneapolis, MN. This is the first time ever I have really lived in a city and it is sooo exciting!!! 

A lot of people assume that I know where everything is in the cities because I grew up in Minnesota. What they all forget is that I grew up in southern Minnesota and we NEVER traveled up to the big cities, it was to big and to confusing! So now Dave and I get to explore this wonderful city together for the first time. I have my list of places to check out and I can't wait to share our little cities adventures with y'all!

Soon we are suppose to have a big snow storm...well at least it's suppose to snow. To me now 2in. is a BIG storm! I have made it my rule for the remaining winter that I will not go out in the snow, especially driving! It's been a LOOOOONNNNGGG time since I have driven in the snow and I think I will wait until next year when the rest of the Minnesotans try to remember how to drive in the snow as well.  It's funny how the start of every winter Minnesotans need at least two snowfalls before they remember how to drive in snow, even though they live in it for about 5 months! 

So here is to staying inside for the next few days to 
watch netflix,drink hot chocolate, finish unpacking, 
and snuggling on our new couch!

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  1. I was just in Minnesota this past weekend. St. Paul to be exact. :) Welcome back to the states! I am new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway There is only 8 more days left to enter. Please check it out. I am going to follow you, hope you return the follow.