March 8, 2012

.diy shoes.

Happy Thursday!!!

Can you believe it's almost Friday? Seriously, where did this week go? Who knows, maybe it went to Kansas or to Orlando. If I was this week, I would go to Orlando to visit all those fun amusement parks I've heard so much about.

Enough about that. On to the real reason you are probably reading this post (maybe it's because I am Last week Dave and I went to Goodwill to make a donation and then do a little shopping. We found a chair and a pair shoes. It seemed like Kaylah also found the same pair of shoes in a Goodwill near her. She came up with this great DIY, that I knew I had to test it out.

These are the shoes I purchased:
Regular cute gray shoes!

AND these are the shoes I now own:

Cute shoes with a touch of pizazz! 

I can't wait to wear these, especially this summer!
 I think that they can add a little touch of sparkle to any dress or outfit!


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